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yobo体育app:Premier Li?Keqiang: With decisive confidence and measures to control pollution.

yobo体育app: Subordinate classification:2017-08-28 Author: Clicks:

In The summer Davos Forum 2014, Premier Li Keqiang had communicated with the entrepreneurs and indicated that the war on pollution is to control the pollution with decisive confidence. He said, the most serious problem is water, air and soil pollution in China, which is directly related to people’s daily life, and health, also food safety. Chinese government must take responsibility to control the pollution in these important areas.          

  He indicated that this problem cannot be solved in one day, there is an old saying “ Rome wasn’t built in one day”. We need to not only mobilize, but also perfect the rules and regulations about pollution control. Boost law enforcement, and the law breakers should pay high costs. Meanwhile, the enterprises should be encourage to achieve energy conservation&environmental protection. Li Keqiang said, there are indeed contradictions between pollution treatment and stable increase, especially for developing countries. But we need to find a new solution that protect the environment while pursuing development and achieve development. The key point is to weed out the outdated industries, and develop emerging energy-saving and environment-friendly industries. This is a huge market for China in the future.

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