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yobo体育app:NPC &CPPCC focus on: waste sorting is extremely urgent

yobo体育app: Subordinate classification:2017-08-28 Author: Clicks:

Recently the two sessions just ended, facing the problem of cities and towns landscape, the NPC members from across the country expressed a common thought that Chinese beauty not only reflects in the nature, but also the modern.

However, there is an unavoidable problem in reality -“cities besieged by garbage”, during the two sessions, all the members contributed ideas.

Household waste not only damages the cities landscape, also harms people’s daily life and health. Only reinforce the household waste treatment, can we solve the problem fundamentally.

Nowadays, people attach importance to the sustainable development and recycling of resources, garbage sorting has already become an indispensable part. With the development of economy and improvement of people’s living standard, the amount of household garbage has been increasing yea by year. How to change the waste into valuable resource and realize waste resourceful utilization? The best solution is garbage sorting.

NPC &CPPCC focus on: waste sorting is extremely urgent

NPC &CPPCC focus on: waste sorting is extremely urgent

Beijing Zhengshi Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive program package on used solid recycling for refusing, with designing of ecological restoration, consulting and construction, R&D and manufacturing of environmental equipment and materials, sales and renting services. Zhengshi had completed hundreds of informal landfill disposal projects and turnkey service for house waste disposal. We provide trouble shooting service to over 30 enterprises and institutions for solid waste disposal, collecting and transportation of urban garbage, recycling of housing waste. So far we have over 20 authorized patents and published many articles. We have established stable and smooth co-operations with many domestic enterprises. 

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